How Important Are Awards and Recognitions?

It is human nature to have a need to be recognized and appreciated with a great job done. Society recognized this and so in several aspects in our lives, in school, at work, in the government, private institutions, or in the army, social activities, etc., awards are made as means of recognizing great efforts and intentions. There are various kinds of trophies and awards, different titles and designs of these trophies and awards. Companies are designing unique kinds of awards to differentiate one from the other, usually made from various kinds of materials.

Let us mention briefly the different areas and activities in our social lives where awards through are given. Some of these are the following:

a)            In the world of sports - This is a physical and intellectual activity where usually the top three are given recognition for their hard work and victory. The sports industry especially is requiring these awards and trophies. Since the sports industry covers a vast area, multi-billion businesses are profiting from this requirement.

b)            In the corporate world - Employee morals are boosted when awards and recognition are given for great job done. Usually, companies design their own plaques and trophies or medals, and they give this recognition at the end of the year to summarize performance of the company with the employees' efforts.

c)            In the world of education through schools and colleges - There is no better expression in recognizing excellence in the academic field to students than giving them recognition. Various colleges and schools have their own titles in the different areas in the school curriculum. Not only will the students treasure these awards but most especially the parents.

d)            In the society world - Various social clubs, tournaments, pageants, etc., give awards to show and honor efforts in excellence in both physical and intellectual excellence. To learn more about awards and recognition, you can visit

e)            In the government world - Awards are developed also in the areas of government agencies, social workers, hospitals, and NGOs.

There are different types of materials that are used for trophies and awards. Organizations use materials like acrylic, crystal, metal, wood and glass. Designs and quality of the awards and trophies are dependent too on the kind of organization or company and the budget allotted for the awards. Sizes and kind of trophies also vary, from the small medals to big and really huge trophies and plaques. Any person would love to have his own wall of awards and trophies lined up in his room or living area or even on the hallway of one's office. Get idea about the martin awards at our site.